Leather Care

Our bags are made from 100% genuine leather (It can vary from cow, goat, sheep or lamb leather} and like all good leather products, it will age beautifully with time. Our bags can last a lifetime if they are taken care of properly.

General wear and tear is to be expected as you use the bags - adding character to the bag.
We recommend to use "mink oil” or leather polisher meant for full grain leather (for cow leather) and straight grain (for lamb/sheep/goat leather).
Most of our bags come with a small leather swatch (leather sample) for you to keep and to use for testing on any leather polisher. Hence please keep the swatch safely as we would not be able to provide you with an exact same swatch (all leather pieces are unique and different).

How to use leather polish/wax on our bags :

  • Clean your leather bag with damp cloth soaked with some warm water.
  • Then, use a clean dry cloth to wipe off any water residue. Wait till the bag is completely dry.
  • Then, use a clean dry sponge/cloth to apply a little mink oil/polisher all over the bag in circular motion.
  • The bag will look darker at this point as the oil is yet to be absorbed.
  • Let it air dry naturally. The colour will return to its normal colour after few hours once the oil has been absorbed fully. 
  • Your Zeppelin product will be more resistant to scratches and water after polishing.
  • We will polish your bag complimentarily before we ship it out.

*Disclaimer: There are many different brands of leather polisher and wax. Be sure to look for those suitable for aniline leather or full grain leather or goat leather (depends what type of leather bag you have). Some leather polisher/wax might darken or lighten the colour of the leather. Remember to try a little amount on the small leather pieces (swatches) or a small area on the bottom of the bag first to see if there is any changes.
At all times:

  • Avoid exposing the bag to direct sunlight because the colour of the bag may fade.
  • Please avoid exposing the bag to heavy rain. If the bag does get wet, wipe off excess water as soon as possible and let it air dry naturally before storing.
  • Please be careful of inks, dyes or coloured liquids as it will stain the leather and will be hard to remove.
  • If this happens, clean off the colour immediately with a damp cloth soaked with warm water.