How does the shipping works?

For more information, please refer to our Shipping and Fulfillment Policy


There are scratches and scuffs all over my bag, what should I do?

Scuffing and scratching is bound to happen on all natural leather bags. This is unavoidable, and it actually adds character to your genuine leather bag. Scuffs and scratches are a natural evolution of genuine leather bags. Most scratches and scuffs that are on the surface of the bags, can be polished away. Please polish as per the instructions, and it will get rid of most of the surface scratchings.


The brass rivet fell off, can I get a replacement?

We may be able to provide you a replacement part if stock is still available but this is not a guarantee. Please contact us first for advise and recommendation. Shipping of parts will be  borne by customer. Alternatively, you can also send to your local cobbler for repair. 


Is my bag waterproof? 

No, most genuine leather bags are not waterproof. It can be water-resistant for a little while (for example goat leather surface due to lanolin that are present on the hide naturally), but please do wipe off all excess water and leave it to dry.